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So what should I look for when hiring a house cleaning company?

First, ask yourself, what is important to you when choosing a house cleaner? Is it price alone, or other factors? We believe that there are 5 major questions you should ask yourself while comparing companies.

1. Would I let just anyone in my home?
We background check all employees and future employees to ensure that only good people you can trust enter your home and are around your valuable items.

2. Will I get a quality cleaning?
After Sparkling Homes comes to your home and does the initial clean, we will offer service at a set rate to maintain the deep clean that we did on the initial clean. The clean will be done by the same crew leader that preformed the initial cleaning. You will not get random crews in your house each visit, but the same crew leader that will learn just the way you like your home cleaned. You will also know the exact cost for each visit, instead of an hourly charge. This helps you budget so you don't get a surprise bill that is more than expected. You know what you will get and the cost! We also guarantee our work is to the standards of the initial clean we agreed upon or we will fix it. We also do not have contracts. We know you will love our cleaning, that you will want to keep us coming back!

3. Am I covered if a cleaner gets hurt in my home?
Sparkling Homes carries a full workers compensation policy on every cleaner that enters your home. This covers you from all liability if one of our team members gets hurt. This not only protects our clients, but we love our team members as well and this covers their well-being. When hiring a house cleaning company it is really important they have workers compensation. It is an entirely different policy than business insurance, so please make sure you ask. It is also the law that companies provide this to all their employees. Just to make you smile, click the link to this hysterical video! This is super extreme, but you get where we are going with this- we provide worker's compensation for each team member; we also carry business insurance. your items are safe- you and your home owner's insurance are not liable for injuries or damage we may cause while we are in your home.

4. Does licensing, bonding and insurance matter to me or just the business?
Our cleaning service is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This business insurance covers you in case of damage to your home. In example, many cleaning services use bleach to clean. If a cleaning company accidentally spills bleach on your carpet, this insurance will cover the cost to repair your carpet. We are very careful with our cleaning products and don't actually use bleach , but that is an example of why you would want to hire a company that is insured- it protects you. This insurance is different than workers compensation, so you should make sure that the company you hires has both for your safety, their safety and your properties safety.

5. Last but definitely not least, do I want an awesome car parked at my house like this?






That's easy, of course you do!!!

All in all, cleaning is what we do, but there is a lot more to it than dusting and mopping. We have taken all the necessary steps to have a great cleaning company where everyone involved is covered and safe.

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