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Our Team.

Sparkling Homes is a small locally owned house cleaning service. This cleaning company was started because of our passion to help others. We do not only clean, but we give our clients the gift of time. Time to do what they love, spend time with those they love, and time to pursue their own passions in life! We are hard working, reliable, and trustworthy. We understand how busy life can get and having a helping hand can really make a difference. What will you do with the spare time you save by having professionals clean your home? Since this is a small, local, Portland business, you will get the same cleaners each and every visit. This ensures that you get to know us and we really get a feel for the way that each of our clients want things to be done in their home.
We are also a very pet friendly cleaning company!

Our Efficient Vehicles


Our Wonderful Crew

Indira (Manager)

Indira is a really hard worker. She has a great attitude and loves staying busy. Emmi and Indira work great together and our friend's outside of work as well.

Emmi (Owner)

Emily is a great asset to our company. She is as good with people as she is with house cleaning. She is a great leader and gets along with everyone she works with.


(503) 998 - 6653


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