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Frequently Asked Questions

If these frequently asked questions do not answer your questions please contact us!


What methods of payment does Sparkling Homes accept?

Sparkling Homes accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.  A $20 fee will be assessed to your account if we receive a check with insufficient funds and this fee must be paid before your next cleaning service will be provided.   If two checks are received with insufficient funds in a year then Sparkling Homes will only be available to provide service if  all service is paid in cash. *If you pay by credit card, we must add an additional $3 fee to cover the cost of paying using this method for payment.


When is the payment for house cleaning due?

Payment must be received on the date of service.  Many of our clients choose to leave a check or cash for us, as a lot of times they are not home at the time of service.


Why is the initial clean different from maintenance cleaning?

During our first visit, we will focus on getting rid of existing dirt and setting a standard of cleanliness you can expect from each visit. During maintenance cleaning, we will maintain what we did the initial clean revealing a fresh and sparkling clean home.


How does Sparkling Homes enter my home if I am not there?

 Most of our clients give us a key, however there are other options. You can rest assured that your key will be safely secured in our key safe the second we return to the office.  Your key is marked with just a last name, no address.  We can also enter with a garage key code through the garage door.  Lastly, we can enter through a front or back door with a spare key hidden outside your home.  We don’t encourage leaving any doors unlocked for us to enter through.  *There is a $25 lock out fee.  Ie: you give us a code that doesn’t work or forget to put your spare key out and we cannot perform our services at our scheduled time.


What if I need to re-schedule my cleaning appointment?

We understand that sometimes things come up and we will work with you.  It is expected to have at least one weeks notice to arrange our schedule accordingly if you must cancel.  If you must cancel on the day of scheduled service the first time will not have a fee assessed, however there will be a $25 fee for each cancellation after the first cancellation without one weeks notice.


How much do you charge for your cleaning service?

The first clean that Sparkling Homes provides is considered an initial clean.  Initial cleans are charged at an hourly rate.  After the initial clean, Sparkling Homes will offer cleaning service at a set rate per visit.  Every home is different and costs vary, there are quite a few things that must be taken into consideration when offering service at a set rate.  Initial cleans get a home up to par and then we maintain our client’s homes with maintenance cleaning.


What is taken in to consideration when determining a set rate? 

When determining a set rate after an initial clean Sparkling Homes takes in to consideration the size of the home, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, how much decor there is as well as how well kept you keep your home between cleanings.


Can I cancel service at any time?

Yes, you may.  Sparkling Homes is a company that is truly here to help you.  If you cannot afford our cleaning service any longer or if you simply decide our cleaning service is not right for you, all you need to do is give Sparkling Homes written notice via e-mail or a letter one week before your next scheduled cleaning service.  Sparkling Homes has the right to cancel service at any time, giving our clients a weeks notice.


Does Sparkling Homes provide cleaning products?

Yes, we bring all of our own cleaning supplies.  We prefer to use our own cleaning products, we know that they are safe to use on surfaces and know how to use them.  Sparkling Homes has a Miele Pisces S5281 vacuum cleaner that works fantastic for cleaning wood floors and other surfaces safely.


What if I would prefer you to use my cleaning supplies?

Sparkling Homes is more than happy to use your cleaning supplies.  Although, Sparkling Homes is not responsible for any damage done to your property when using your cleaning supplies.


Does Sparkling Homes have any house cleaning references that I can contact?

Yes, we do have references readily available upon request.  We also have a testimonials page, please click the link if you would like to read what customers are saying about our house cleaning service!

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